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holisitic guide

‘To re-remember is to surrender, to carry yourself with compassion and grace through the waves of life. Tune into your sacred nature and move to the rhythm of your own drum.’

Walk with me on a journey of self-discovery, as I will be your companion. Connection is one of the greatest pillars a being can lean on. I truly underestimated this during my own healing journey.

I have tried many forms of healing, including books, teachers, trauma release, therapies and so on. As dynamic as life can be, my needs and desires in life were continuously shifting as well.

My first and greatest teacher that caused the most significant change and transformation has been the sacred mother plant: Ayahuasca. I experienced a major reset after having worked with the plant and I started to gain more awareness.

I started to work with the medicine in 2018 and after having had many journeys I started to guide my own ceremonies. I guided hundreds of people in 2,5 years. Ayahuasca has helped me to let go of conditioned patterns, and deal with heavy grief and traumas, as much as it has shown my soul mission and many other insights and release. Though it brought an immense shift, I got stuck on the embodiment of the tools that were given to me. The more awareness I gained, the more ‘faults’ I discovered in my blueprint. Through trial and error, I learned the importance of being open to receiving help and feedback.

In order to be my own companion in life, I had to experience true companionship with others. I would love to be that companion for you!

I’m intrigued by the Vedic lifestyle and all that there is to learn about Ayurveda.

It deals with matters relating to health, day-to-day life and longevity in a holistic way. I studied to be an Ayurvedic masseuse and am currently studying to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. With this valuable wisdom on all levels: body, mind and spirit – I will help you to regain balance in your life.

By assessing your constitution and possible imbalance, I will give you hands-on tools for you to work with your own nature.

I had always been more pulled towards the alternative, holistic way of healing and belief in approaching every being like the unique light they are. While respecting your own timeline and inner experiences, I’m determined to guide you on your journey of re-remembering. I see you!


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