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As a person diagnosed with ADD, I have often felt that it has hindered me in various ways. I also did not seem to be able to control it or develop skills to gain more control over it. In the past, I tried Ritalin, but I quickly noticed that it not only flattened negative energy but also positive energy, making me seem like a different person. So, I stopped using it.

In 2021, I discovered microdosing. I was going through a turbulent period with the death of my partner, raising two young daughters alone, and running my own business. Due to the busy and dynamic life I was leading, my brain was working overtime and I found myself increasingly struggling. The need for change grew because I was getting stuck in negative thoughts more often. During this time, I learned about truffles and the positive effects their use can have. I read a lot about it and then tried it out for myself.

Microdosing with truffles has allowed me to step out of the chaos of my own thoughts. I can recognize and filter out negative thoughts without being led by them. This helps me let go of negative thoughts faster and make more room for positive thoughts.

Due to my own experience combined with my entrepreneurial spirit, I came up with the idea of ​​bringing a brand to market under the name Micro Balance. My goal is to offer people who are experiencing similar difficulties the opportunity to experience this medicine and discover the benefits it can have for them. I do not yet possess extensive specialized knowledge in the field of microdosing with truffles. Therefore, I have looked for people within my network who have more knowledge about it. Together, we can offer and guide this properly. It is important to receive the right guidance to experience and feel what this plant medicine can do for you.

Our team consists of people who specialize in microdosing, who are experienced and knowledgeable in NLP. So, we not only offer the opportunity to order truffles, but also to receive the necessary guidance to achieve the desired results and to be okay with yourself.

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