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Your guide for growth. A balanced life starts from within.
reconnect with yourself again
with the help of plant medicine, a healthy and sustainable way to support your growth.
Full stop shop for inner growth

Guided intentional microdosing journey

We support and guide an intentional microdose journey, our guides are specialized and experienced and work with compassion

Full stop shop for inner growth

At Micro Balance you will find all the tools and needs when it comes to your inner growth. We provide guidance throughout your (microdose) journey, our products are here to support your inner growth journey

Locally grown and harvested products

Our products are locally grown and harvested locally. We strive to be as sustainable as possible to provide quality products and help our earth to heal.

When one is lost in a world of conflict, one must seek guidance from within

In life we encounter many challenges, our paths are filled with lessons to learn and sometimes we are stuck in the middle of all those lessons. Unaware of our direction to go, confused about our intentions and lost in between what we want and need. 

We seek answers outside of us, which often are  unhealthy, they sedate, numb, holding us back and lower our frequencies.  The answers were looking are not found outside of us, but within ourselves. 

With plant medicine you will have a guide that guides you back to your own being. Who supports your own growth by letting you be focused on your “self” in a healthy, compassionate and loving way.

Step by step journey

Do you remember that we first needed to learn to stand up before we walked. Sometimes we forget that progress is also in the little steps we take and sometimes it even means to pause and stand still. 

Working with plant medicine you will learn to take smaller steps, you will learn to release what is keeping you hostage in old patterns, you will learn to open up the mind for unknown possibilities. 

You will learn to water your own roots so you can grow. 

At Micro Balance we encourage you to take the path of growth, with the guidance of plant medicine and with our experienced guides. 

Reconnect with yourself
with the help of nature

in growth we trust

To become a tree, one must plant seeds and nurture it's soil

We might want to grow our branches and leaves in a day, but trees don’t grow overnight, and neither do we as humans. It takes patience, compassion and love to nurture our soil once we planted the seed of growth. 

We believe that when you choose yourself, show up for yourself, you can become more aligned with your true purpose. 

Our mission is to help you to be connected with yourself again, to heal and to illuminate from within with the help of plantmedicine and our guides.

You never need a permission to choose yourself.

Contact Us

If you have questions about what plantmedicine and Micro Balance can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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