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Is this your first time microdosing? Do you feel it is your calling to start your journey of growth, but you just do not know where to start? Or do you want to make sure that you reach your goals and guard your intentions during your microdosing journey? Then starting with one of our guides will be very beneficial for you.

With our guides you will:




Sometimes you just need a little help to start of maybe you want to be supported throughout the whole cycle. Either way, here at Micro Balance our guides and coaches provide different guidance throughout your cycle. We are aware that everyone has their own personal intentions why to start and we are gladly to help you on your way.

Coaching Session 1 (Planting Seeds - 30 Min)

This is a coaching session, where you and your guide are going to set your intentions for your cycle. Together you decide which method will be suiting for your journey and how and when to start your cycle of growth.

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Coaching Session 3 (Watering the Roots - 1 hour)

This is a coaching session which you can book separately, if you feel you need your guidance throughout the cycle. In this session you can discuss your questions and your experiences. Here you can receive guidance in forms of breathwork, food, meditations and so more.

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Coaching Session 2 (Blooming Leaves - 1 hour)

You can book this session at the end of your cycle, when you feel the need to discuss your progress, your experiences and to be supported into the reset. Receive handouts to take with you into your reset and your next cycle.

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Coaching Session 4 (Cycle of growth - 3 hours)

This package contains all our three sessions. Planting seeds (at the start), Watering the roots (in the middle) and blooming leaves (at the end). With this package you and your guide will work side by side to let you experience the full potential of you and your microdosing journey.

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Holistic Guide


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