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It seems like a “new age” thing these days; Microdosing with plant medicine, but it isn’t. Indigenous tribes are using plant medicine for many years, as a tool for their rituals and as a medicine to heal the people within their community. In the early 50’s, scientist Albert Hoffman, synthesized by accident LSD- A psychedelic. He was researching for a cure for the mental illness: schizophrenia. At that time, they still had the freedom to do research in psychedelics as a cure for mental illnesses and they have written over 1000 scientific papers.  In the early 60’s psychedelics became available for the public, until President Nixon in 1971 announced that all psychedelics are classed in a ”Schedule 1”. Meaning, it was now forbidden by law to use and therefore more difficult for scientists to research these magic mushrooms.

Until in 2015 in the birthplace of all creative and groundbreaking inventions Sillicon Valley microdosing was (re)discovered.  Thanks to the white collars who were looking for a miracle pill for a better concentration, more creativity, and endurance, these magic mushrooms became interesting for research again. Microdosing plantmedicine would help enhance concentration, broaden creativity and as it turned out, also help with mood swings and other neurodivergent diagnoses. Various studies that followed in the years after showed that not only the men in Silicon Valley benefitted from the magic of plant medicine, but multiple people who struggled with depression, anxiety disorders, and ADD/ADHD showed a fewer symptoms after microdosing. As good as it seems, truffles are not a magic pill which you take and all the (life) hurdles are vanished, at Micro Balance we believe that microdosing is a tool for growth. Spiritual, mentally and body.


The word itself already tells it,-it is consuming a micro dose of a substance and in this case we are talking about consuming micro doses of truffles. These truffles contain psilocybin. When someone consumes psychedelics, like the magic mushrooms, they consume around 10 till 15 gram to experience a psychedelic trip. In case of microdosing you take around 1 gram. So, you will have the benefits but without going on a complete “trip” including the hallucinations


Why would you choose for microdosing? Researches has shown that humans benefit on a mental level with microdosing. The effect of the truffles supported people with a better concentration, better flow of creativity, reduced anxiety and less symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Experiences have shown that people will feel more connected with themselves, they tend to have better focus to live their purpose and therefore taking steps towards a better version of themselves. Yet it is not a magic pill, which dissolves all hurdles, dilemmas and issues in your life. The use of truffles with microdosing is a tool, that will support your journey into being more connected with your true self and your true purpose.


Recent studies have shown that in combination with psychotherapy microdosing has a very positive effect on depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) Anxiety Disorder and ADD/ADHD.  There are many documentaries now available for you to watch and to see how they combine psychedelic with psychotherapy. It is very common for psychotherapy to treat different neurologic diagnoses with chemical medicines. They are extremely addictive and very difficult to withdraw from. We at Micro Balance are not against medications, yet we do believe that plant medicine is a safe way to experience the benefits shown in studies. Our Guides are here to help you experience a safe and supported journey of growth. 

NB. We at Micro Balance always advise to contact your health practitioner for medical advice before you start with your cycle. Especially if you are on pre-scripted medication like anti-depressives.


The last few years have been intense and challenging for many. We all “survived” a pandemic, but our mental health has only become more challenged. More and more people are struggling with depression, burnouts, and panic attacks. What used to be relatively small group of people having these symptoms now seems to be affecting the majority. Waiting lists for help are getting longer, (addictive) antidepressants are being given more easily, and people feel increasingly trapped and alone. Additionally, during the pandemic, we have discovered that we work more than we actually live our life. We are more focused on finding our “why” and our purpose for existence. Something that used to be the curse of the philosophers is now a daily concern for many.

So, is microdosing with truffles the answer to all our questions? No it isn’t, it is like mentioned before not a magic pill,  that will solve everything. As nice as it sounds, a magic pill does not exist. However, research has shown that microdosing with plant medicine can help break old patterns, learn new patterns, expand the mind to promote more creativity, balance moods and to bring you closer to your true being. As a guide plant medicine will support and usher us to our path of growth.

“To become a tree, one must plant a seed and nurture its soil”

Start microdose

To experience the benefits of microdosing we advise you to follow these guidelines during your cycle.

Choose a start date. A free day from work or any other obligations.

Set your intentions, Why and what do you need/want?

Choose one of our methods, depending on your experience and your purpose.

Find your "sweet spot"

Start each day at least 15 minutes earlier to meditate and journal

End your day offline, in gratitude and with reflection.

During your cycle don’t consume caffeine, alcohol, drugs and nicotine.

All these guidelines and more are being explained in our Growth Manual which you will receive when you order our microdose truffles.

Sweet spot

To experience the full capacity of the benefits of microdosing it is important for you to discover your “perfect” dose, which is called: Sweet spot.

How to find your sweet spot? Always start your first dose with from 0.3 gram to 0.5 gram depending on if this is your first time microdosing or not. Then gradually add 0.1 gram on your next microdose day, until you discover your sweet spot. You’ll discover your sweet spot when you experience the effects a bit too much, then the dose before is your perfect dose. Once you have discovered your sweet spot you take that dose the rest of your cycle. In our guide you’ll find a deeper explanation and if you want to start this journey of growth not alone, our guides are here to help and support you the whole journey through.


After a cycle from 6-8 weeks a reset is required, to reset your system completely again. This time is also needed to reflect on your cycle and to experience the long-term effects of your microdosing in your daily life.  

How to microdose?

We at micro-balance believe that it is not just taking the dose and all will sort out. It is a process which asks for awareness, for preparation and intentions.


There are different methods regarding when you take your microdose, depending on your intentions, your experience, and your tolerance.  

1-1 method

This method is created by microdose institute .org. This method seems to be beneficial for people who microdose for medical purpose such as: Anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD

1-2 method

A method created by the scientist James Fadiman 

With this method you take a dose on day one and day two and three are your “free” days and you take nothing and on day four you take a dose again and repeat this one day on two day off until the end of your cycle.

The idea behind this method is that on your “free” days you can reflect on the day that you microdose. Your body needs a day to completely fade out the effect of the truffles. James Fadiman calls the second day “transformation” day and third day “normal” day, where there is no effect of the truffles left in your body.

4-3 method

This method is created by Paul Stamets, a renowned American mycologist and is best in combination with Lion’s mane and Niacin (vitamin B3). Paul Stamets believed and researched that this combination has a positive and lasting effect on the behavior and growth of brain cells. He calls it; “stacking” On the first four days you are stacking with Micro Balance Truffles,  Lion’s mane, and Niacin.

goodnight method

With this method you are following the 1-2 method or the 1-1 method, only instead of starting your day on an empty stomach with the microdose, you consume your microdose before bedtime. This is very helpful for a deeper sleep and people with insomnia have noticed that they catch sleep faster during their microdose cycle.

How to choose your method?

Microdosing is a unique and personal process. A lot depends on your intention, your experience, and your lifestyle.  If it is your first time microdosing, then we recommend to start with the 1-2 method. It is an easy way to get to know and to experience the use of plant medicine.

If you have any experience with microdosing, you might want to start with the 3-4 method including the additional Lion’s Mane and Niacin.

If you are in doubt, or like to have more guidance during your microdose cycle, our guides are here to help you. You can book a starter package deal with a coaching session with one of our guides.

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