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Cycle of growth (4 hours coaching package )

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1-1 coaching sessions (4hours)

  • Including 15 gram truffles
  • 1st session: At the start of your microdose journey journey
  • 2nd session: In the middle of your microdose journey
  • 3rd session: At the end of your microdose journey
  • 4th session: During your reset time

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Are you

  • Also looking for more awareness in your life?
  • Tired of repeatedly getting stuck at that same crossroads in your life?
  • Ready to go deeper than the safe surface?
  • Ready to finally choose yourself?

Then, walk the path of inner growth hand in hand with the power of microdosing with one of our coaches.

Cycle of Growth Coaching is a package consisting of four coaching sessions, spread throughout the start of your microdosing journey, during, at the end, and afterward.

  • Each coaching session lasts for 1 hour, and it can be conducted online or through a “walk & talk.” Our coaches each bring their own additional expertise to assist you.
  • The first coaching session at the beginning of your microdosing journey will guide you on how to start, when to start, and together with your coach, you will outline your goals and intentions, creating a plan of action.
  • During your journey, in the second session, you will assess the progress of your microdosing experience, your goals, and your intentions. This session is also an opportunity to consider any necessary adjustments.
  • Towards the end of your journey, you will reflect on the experience and look toward the future, discussing how to proceed. What tools will you receive and take with you? How do you stop, and when do you start again?
  • After a two-week “reset” period, you’ll have a coaching session to evaluate how things are going without microdosing, or when and if you want to start again. During this session, you can also decide whether to extend the program.

Ready to get started?

After your purchase, you will immediately receive an email from us with our Inner Growth E-book, a questionnaire, and after completing the form, you will receive options from us to schedule the first session with your coach.


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