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Natural Psilocybin Micro Balance Truffles 15 Gram

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  • 15 grams in one package: Contains 5×3 grams sealed in CO2
  • For a 4-week microdose cycle with one of Micro-Balance methods
  • Grown and harvest in the Netherlands
  • Including our Growth Guide E-book
  • This is a fresh product and need to be restored in the fridge.

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We are offering natural psilocybin micro balance truffles that are grown and harvested in the Netherlands. Each package contains 15 grams, which are divided into 5 sealed packages of 3 grams each, designed for a 4-week microdose cycle.


* we strongly recommend to weigh your truffles with 0.1 gram accuracy. If you don’t have a scale yet, we have one for you in our shop.

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Weight 15 g


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